Professional artist Stuart Atwell creates unique pet portraits, with works held in collections around the world. He works in a variety of media, encompassing pencil, pen and ink, paint and digital drawing. Working closely with the client, Stuart tailors each unique piece of art to fit a particular space or colour scheme, offering tremendous flexibility throughout the process.

Having spent many years creating photorealistic paintings and drawings of animals, Stuart realised that slavishly copying photographs offered little in the way of interest or creativity; they can never be more than poor, soulless copies. By freeing up his drawing style and experimenting with different media, he is able to imbue his subjects with life and movement, truly capturing the essence of a beloved family member or favourite animal.

Clients across the world have taken his works into their homes as a way of celebrating their special companions or commemorating the memory of much missed pets. Each piece is a unique, original work of art to be cherished.

Stuart grew up with two cats, Smudge and Dibbles and he now has a family of his own which includes a dog called Monty. 

"I loved my cats and always wished that I had more than a few old photos to remember them by; an original artwork is a beautiful way of achieving this. A couple of years ago,  while going through the usual struggle of trying to come up with a birthday present for my wife, a friend suggested that I draw our dog, Monty. This was an inspired idea and the portrait now hangs pride of place in our living room. Visitors to our home started asking for similar portraits of their pets and through word of mouth this has snowballed to the point where I have taken commissions from across the world, from the USA to Germany and from Australia to Singapore and many places in between. 

Pet portraits make a special birthday or Christmas gift and for many clients they are a way of remembering a dearly departed and much missed family member. I take the greatest care and pride with every single commission to ensure that each client is delighted with their artwork." 


A leopard with butterflies