Unlike most pet portrait artists, I don't just copy a high quality photograph.

You send me photographs of your beloved pet and the more you send the better as rather than simply copy a single photograph I prefer to use multiple images to create something more than a mere copy. You can also send video and tell me what your pet means to you and what sort of character and personality he or she has as this can really aid with composition decisions to help bring the work to life. Unlike most other pet portrait artists, I don't need very high quality digital images to work from; I have created commissions from thirty year old photographs which were then photographed with an iPhone and emailed to me.

I can collaborate with you as much or as little as you like, even showing you work in progress to ensure that you end up with something you love. I ask for nothing until you are delighted by your work of art - if you aren't happy, you don't pay.

We have complete flexibility on size, composition and colour palate to create a piece of art that perfectly compliments a particular space in your home or office. 

While I start the work in pencil, ink or paint, I often complete each piece digitally. This offers tremendous flexibility to make adjustments right up until the last minute; adjustments in composition, size, colour and just about anything else that allows you to get exactly what you want. It also allows me to present you with different options if you are undecided. 

The example above shows the original drawing on a plain, black background. At this stage, the client thought that she might like a more interesting, atmospheric background to compliment one of two spaces in her home. To enable this, I imported the artwork into a digital environment where I could overlay some different background options. The first idea uses a purple accent while the second focuses on teal; each colour was carefully calibrated to exactly match the key colour of each space. 

The client was able to view both, make adjustments and eventually decide upon her preferred option. The flexibility to make changes at any stage of the process and the ability to provide multiple options is simply not possible with most other artists providing pet portraits.

The goal is create something unique for you that will last a lifetime.